Management Programs

Commercial Management Programs

Critter Control of New Hampshire provides commercial wildlife control management programs that will solve your critter problem from start to finish - ensuring longterm results. Our professional staff, top of the line equipment, and genuine care for wildlife animals well-being combined, add up to some of the best commercial wildlife control solutions.

Trapping & Removal

Getting rid of the wildlife inside of your commercial business is top priority. Solutions can not be implemented until each wildlife animal has been removed from the building. Our removal techniques are species-specific and get rid of your problem wildlife quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Damage Repairs

Once each wildlife animal has been removed, your technician will repair damages created by the wildlife animal. Raccoons have been known to create water damage when they destroy roofing materials, squirrels will chew electrical wires, and bats create an unsafe working environment due to the diseases transmitted by their droppings. Critter Control of New Hampshire will repair damages and get your business back to pre-critter condition.


Our wildlife control solutions are not complete until prevention methods are implemented. Wildlife control problems are much easier to prevent then to solve. Critter Control of New Hampshire uses multiple methods of prevention that will keep wildlife animals out of your home for seasons to come.

Commercial Wildlife Control

Critter Control of New Hampshire is your company for full-service wildlife control. We will get rid of the wildlife animal wreaking havoc in your business and prevent future problems from occurring. Call us for professional commercial wildlife management programs.

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