Animal Control

Wildlife Control

When an animal enters your home or property, a wildlife control problem is created. Wildlife animals inside of homes can create extensive damages in a short amount of time. Wildlife on your property can become curious and find themselves inside of your home on accident and starting a big stink in your home!

Control Problems

Squirrels inside of homes will accumulate a list of damages very quickly. Persistent animals will do whatever is necessary to get where they desire to be. Wildlife droppings and soiled insulation can be a much bigger problem than imagined. Wildlife animals carry dangerous diseases and parasites that you, your family, and your pets can contract.

Control Methods

Critter Control of New Hampshire uses humane methods to control the wildlife animal in your home. Our techniques are effective and will help keep animals out for good!

Trapping & Removal

When a wildlife animal nests and resides in your home, you will want them out immediately! Critter Control of New Hampshire uses trapping and removal methods that are quick, efficient, and safe. Our approach will leave you feeling relieved and critter-free.

Damage Repairs

Wildlife animals such as raccoons, squirrels, and mice will create extensive damages that can affect the well being of you and your home. Raccoons will tear through air ducts, lowering your homes energy efficiency, and squirrels create a fire hazard when they chew electrical wires and pull insulation for nesting. Critter Control of New Hampshire can repair damages and get your home back to normal.


Not only will our wildlife animal control methods get wildlife animals out and repair damages, they keep animals out for good! Your technician will create a prevention approach specific to your problem animal at hand.

Call Critter Control of New Hampshire for long-term wildlife control solutions.

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